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2020 annual summary meeting

Date: 2021-01-26 AUTHOR:HR

Accompanies with the sweat joyfully,the success is accompanying with difficultly.Unconsciously,we have accompanied together pass through for a another year.CDT has held the Annual Summary Meeting in XiXiang Western Silicon Valley on Jan.16th.The main content of the meeting is to review the achievements for the past year,as well as to discuss the problmes we met.To sum up,It will build the solid foundation for a new year to develop our work smoothly.

The main participants of the meeting has our direct manager Mr.Deng Yongcai,general manager Mr.Lv Jingjin,there are aslo has senior executives and sales personnel attened.

Carry with the responsiblity and dream,we fight each other,and to achieve success together.Through our effort in this year,every sales has devoted the strength of themselves,meanwhile,the efforts has been rewarded.

The Extraordinary Year of 2020

In the beginning of the 2020,the COVID-19 has outbroke all over the world.All industries has encountered the unprecedented challanges,CDT has met the shortage of the materials and raw materials cost increase.But CDT has never to give up,on the contrary,we confronting the questions and solving it. We fight together,and to create the top performance.All achivements cannot be leave the efforts for every CDT partners,thank all of you!

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